Essential Travel Tips for Anyone

Use this quick checklist as a reminder to bring a little more structure and serenity to your travel plans:

Confirm your flight or transit reservations and/or accommodations to help avoid any surprises along the way.

Check your health and auto insurance for coverage at destination and adjust as necessary.

For foreign travel:
– Check the Consular Information Program for the applicable country at
– Update your vaccinations
– Acquire any appropriate electrical adapter(s)
– Ensure your driver’s license is valid if driving or renting a car

Carry an adequate supply and a little extra of any medication; make sure you can identify it if asked. Bring your inhaler if you have asthma, or for other conditions, any essential medical supplies.

Remember your eyeglasses, sunglasses, and a copy of your vision prescription.

Record serial numbers of any traveler’s checks.

Hold mail and newspaper delivery.

Set electric timers to make house look occupied.

Unplug non-essential electrical appliances.

Arrange the following with a trusted friend or neighbor:
–Copies of passport, itinerary and any other important documents
–A spare key for them to check on your home from time to time
–Care for any pet(s)
–Care for any plants
–If your car is alarmed, leave spare keys with the neighbor

Have a minimal change of clothes in your hand luggage (shirt, socks, underwear, slippers for stretching your legs on a long trip).

Bring extra diapers, clothes and liquids for baby.

Pack appropriately for any change in climate.

Carry a small amount of cash for incidentals.

Take water and snacks for delays at transportation terminals.

Make sure you have your tickets.

Lock windows and doors.

Have a safe and fun time, and enjoy your trip!

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Written by Minnie Hoffman

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