Travel Tips for Women When Flying: Arrive at Your Destination Looking Radiant

We have all been there; on a long-haul flight and on arrival to our destination our ankles are swollen like baloons, our face looks like the Sahara, our fingers puffed up with rings bet into them and exhaustion as you step off the airplane.

Travelling for any amount of time can create great stresses on your body and when you have to share the same air as every other passenger, no wonder we need a few pre-flight and in-flight boosters to arrive feeling fresh.

Here are a few of my in-flight travel tips and secrets on how to arrive to your destination looking radiant:

  • Take a snack that will boost your skin prior to your flight. I suggest Sunflower Seeds or any kind of fruit.
  • Before you leave home apply a layer of Skin Hydrating Masque which will give our face that extra moisture boost it will need during your flight. There are many available and select one that suits your own preference.
  • During the flight, drinks lots of water and try to avoid alcohol at all costs. Alcohol assists in dehydration of your skin and internal organs.
  • If you are on the “red eye” or any long-haul flight remove your make up with deep cleansing wipes and ensure that you apply moisturizer to your face, neck and to your hands.
  • Apply an eye gel as this helps to prevent puffy eyes.
  • Apply a lip balm for extra hydration
  • During the flight bring along a spritz with rose water. My own suggestion would be Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer which comes in a very handy size and works wonders for hydrating your face during the flight. It also gives you a fresh feeling and a boost if you use regularly during your flight.
  • Before landing, freshen up with cleansing wipes and you can then put on your foundation, a little bronzer, your lipstick and lip gloss.
  • Finally, brush your teeth, spritz up with cologne and you arrive fresh as a daisy.

If you try this routine, especially for long-haul flights then you will immediately notice the difference on landing at your destination. It only takes a little bit of effort to arrive feeling refreshed, glowing and hydrated. If you can manage to squeeze in little nap then this would be the perfect routine to ensure a great flight.

What do you think?

Written by Minnie Hoffman

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